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Bantam B624

Bantam B624

Tonnage: 24 @ 90 PSI

Bed & Ram: 72″ W x 17 1/2″ H

Ram Stroke: 0 – 2″

Bed Adjustment: 0 – 3″

Window: 6″ Deep x 8 3/4″ H

Distance Between Housings: 72 1/4″

Tooling Space: 9 1/2″

Back Gauge Depth: 0 – 19″ Between housings, 21″ Between cylinders

Full Stroke Free Air: 4.4 CFS

Max. Speed: 20 SPM


Two air cylinders push up a simple lever that pushes the ram down. Motion stops when a screw-adjusted positive stop bottoms out.

Foot pedal standard. Removing foot from pedal exhausts air and gravity retracts the counter-weight lever.

Unique 1/4″ OSHA gap adjustable bed. Bed is vertically adjustable using leveling screws to accommodate various vee die heights, to parallel the bed to the ram, and if possible, eliminate pinch point.

Select optimal speed with a tamper-proof ram speed valve.

A minimum setting creates a creep mode for set-up, pressing or bending to scribe a line without affected generated force.

Runs on compressed air (90 PSI provides rated tonnage, 3-phase power not required), uses from 10 – 110 PSI.

Includes quiet long-life, steel reinforced cylinder bumpers.

Standard Accessories:

90° top punch and 3/4″ vee die made of 4150 brake die steel.

Removable die holder, accepts American-style tooling.

Manual back gauge with screw adjustable finger stops.

Complete modular adjustable filter regulator module (with pressure gauge) with OSHA lockout.

Safety hooded foot pedal with toe flip cover, controls all ram motion (full depress for down stoke slight release to stop advance, complete release will retract to top of stroke through counter-balance — ram retracts for safety when air supply is removed.)

Tamper-proof speed control valve.

Quick exhaust with muffler.

Atek press brake American-style tooling.

Mechanical Specifications:

Dimensions: 84″ W x 36″ Deep x 66″ H

Overall Weight: approx. 3,850 lbs.
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