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Piranha P-70 (P-90) Ironworker

Piranha P-70 (P-90) Ironworker

  • The P-90 hydraulic ironworker machine has more standard workstations than any other ironworker in its class. This includes punching, bending, bar shear, angle shear, round bar shear, and an integrated coper/notcher.
  • The P-90 also has a dovetail slide that allows an operator to switch from punching to bending in just a few seconds
  • The P-90 has full electrical control of its stroke with a footswitch and limit switch stroke controls.
  • The no slug-loss shearing saves material, keeps the machine area cleaner, and offers larger material capacity than the competition. A wide variety of optional tooling is available to enhance the P-90’s capabilities.
  • Piranha’s incomparable integrated coper/notcher station outperforms any other ironworker machine. Notch from thick to thin, remove the full leg from angle iron, shave even the smallest piece from the end of the work piece, and maintain total control of the part – from any angle.

    • Throat Depth - 10"
    • Open Height - 15"
    • Closed Height w/o Die Block - 10-1/8"
    • Stroke Length - 4-7/8"
    • Platen Table Size (D-W) - 12" x 21"
    • Punch - 90 Tons
    • Hole Size (Max. Material) - 1-1/8" (1")
    • Max. Hole Size (Material) - 5" (3/16")
    • Plate Shear - 18" Long, 1" x 8" or 3/4" x 12" or 1/2" x 18"
    • Angle Shear - 5" x 5" x 1/2"
    • Bar Shear Round (Min